YOUR VIBE ATTRACTS YOUR TRIBE!! Not that I like all these life quotes that seem to have swapped social media and are delicately printed for you to put up in your house to remind you to constantly feel positive.
Having worked with in the beauty fashion industry for over 25 years, my career has taken me all over the world teaching and passing on my knowledge.
The one common denominator I have found which in a large percent of women is a lack of confidence with in themselves. I have also met and worked with some amazing Talentent supper strong ladies that simply have no fear…. Of have they?
Women are complicated, emotional, sensitive and amazing. As a hairdresser, Colour technician to be accurate. I spend a lot of time taking to women and making them feel good about their hair, as one client said to me the other day “you have great job, just making people happy, it must be so rewarding”
Yes, it is, but hair, nails and beauty is only skin deep.
It’s what’s inside, that really matters.
The idea I had some 15 years ago when I came back from working in Beverly Hills, pregnant.
I was thrown into a complete new world, which I spent the following 5 years going through all the stages of, pregnancy, hormones, weight gain, baby blues, terrible two’s etc.….
The school runs were a complete eye opener, coffee mornings spent with mums that had simply lost themselves, given up and just threw themselves into motherhood, not that there is anything wrong with that, it’s a selfless time.
But what I could see quite clearly was a decline in their confidence, poor body image, mummy guilt etc.
I gained clients in this time, they would come to me and pull from my confident nature, they would ask me advice and if I could go shopping with them, help them redefine who they were and motivate them to put some time back into themselves and to be strong.
I knew I had the ability to make their hair look, and offer advice. but I really felt by investing in a capsule wardrobe, wearing the right colours, the right shape clothes for your body, not living in leggings and oversized tops to hide your shape.
Wasting money buying clothes because you like them, not that they suit you. Having a wardrobe full of clothes. but nothing to wear.
I developed strong bonds with those clients that I still have today. I’d like to think of them as my friends and we have been on a journey together.
For me, the feeling when you’re going out for the night, your all dressed up and you look, but more importantly FEEL good… is exactly the feeling that I want to produce in my salon.
We offer courses on image and confidence building.
Evening workshops, with guest speaker, bringing some balance back to women’s lives, self-love, acceptance. dealing with all sorts of issues, from menopause to interview skills.